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Have you ever wanted to build amazing iOS apps, design cool games, or experiment with artificial intelligence? Whether you're an experienced developer, or a freshman in Intro to Computer Science, there's a place for you at HackGenius. In the 24 hours at the HackGenius hackathon, you'll attend workshops, meet new people, and develop amazing applications. With that being said, get ready for an adventure at HackGenius 2020!

Our Sponsors

  • Mathtivity

  • University of North America

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Frequently Asked Questions

HackGenius 2020 is a hackathon hosted by inGeniusX. At inGeniusX, we are committed to giving the underrepresented youth opportunities in STEM and showing that while students may be born in unstable living conditions, they do not need to be a product of their environment. To find out more about inGenius X and our mission, visit inGeniusX.org.

A hackathon, in our case, is a 24-hour event with programmers, experienced and unexperienced, separated into different teams around the area. At the beginning of the event, there will be a sponsor fair, where students will be able to speak to different sponsors so that companies can gauge interest. There will be opening ceremonies and lunch, and the hackathon will start shortly after. Throughout the night, each team will be tasked with making an app or other technological product that bears value to it. By the following morning, each team will present their project to the judges, and whichever teams have the best project will win awards, as well as a feature on our website.

YES!!! If you are a member of an underrepresented community or a minority, then you are eligible to send your résumé, email, and phone number in order to get into contact with one of our following sponsors for a mentorship, internship, or other opportunity via registration. We are committed to lifting up the underrepresented youth at inGenius X. To find out more about the minority-sponsor connection, contact us at official.ingeniusx@gmail.com

That's totally fine! At HackGenius 2020, we provide workshops taught by other experienced coders and our sponsors. Our mentors can guide you through your coding journey if you're getting stuck or if you are lacking experience. Nevertheless, HackGenius 2020 will be an extremely fun event regardless of your coding level!

Bring a laptop (suited for coding), a sleeping bag/pillows, extra clothing, chargers, and your game face! We suggest you bring a nice set of clothes for project presentations to the judges as well!

If you need some time to just chill to take a break from the coding, there will be a game area where you can hang out with your friends. There will also be snacks in the break area to eat.

HackGenius 2020 is open to all high school students in the D.C., Maryland, and Virginia area. If you are a middle school or elementary school student that wants to still experience a fun & exciting hackathon event before high school starts for you, consider volunteering at HackGenius 2020! More information on volunteering can be found in the registration page.

All meals will be provided by inGenius X, the host of this hackathon. Trust me, there will be lots of food at HackGenius. If you wish to bring your own meal, however, that is appropriate. Please make sure to be mindful of others and throw away your trash.

If you have dietary concerns, please email us at official.inGeniusX@gmail.com. If you are unsure whether you are allergic to a certain food or not, please do not attempt to consume it.

It will be hosted at University of North America in Fairfax, VA. The address is 12750 Fair Lakes Cir, Fairfax, VA 22033.

If you have a group of 2-5 people already planned out, then awesome! If not, that's totally okay because you'll be able to meet new people and form teams at the event itself.

Let's Code Together!

At HackGenius, you're not alone. Throughout the hackathon, we will provide mentors, workshops, and the chance for you to meet with our keynote speakers and sponsors for potential opportunities!

  • 24 hours of coding
  • $2,000+ in prizes!
  • 250 Spots

Meet The Directors

Andrew Tran

Andrew is one of the two founders and the executive directors of HackGenius. He is a junior at Justice High School and has had a passion in computer science since fourth grade. Andrew started coding not because he wanted to learn all of java or python, but because he wanted to make cool games and websites for his friends his family. His interest in coding later developed into a passion that carried throughout middle and high school. Andrew is now the creator of three iOS & Android apps, the founder of his school’s App Development Club, and a participant in VEX Robotics. He hopes to impact others through HackGenius and show others how coding can be an enjoyable, fulfilling, and enriching experience.

Rayan Yu

Rayan is one of the two founders and executive directors of HackGenius. He is currently a junior at James Madison High School. Since his childhood, Rayan has been interested in computer science, specifically, the field of AI and its application throughout the world. He pursues his passion with efforts like founding his school’s machine learning club (madAI), publishing research in the field of deep learning, and participating in the USA Computing Olympiad. In his free time, besides computer science, Rayan loves playing basketball, public speaking, watching stocks, and reading about philosophy. With HackGenius, he looks towards spreading out the light of computer science and AI to all students; to find the hidden talents and interests of those that could be just around the corner.

Justin Hu

Justin Hu is a senior at James Madison High School in Vienna, Virginia. A dedicated STEM student and researcher at Georgetown University as well as a nationally ranked policy debater, Justin is also a Kung Fu Master. A three-time Kung Fu National Championship title winner, representing the USA in international competitions, Justin was also a featured Kung Fu performer at the United Nations General Assembly along with Hollywood Kung Fu Master and celebrity, Jet Li. Together, they performed to promote health and peace. Justin has also performed Kung Fu demonstrations in the Eisenhower Theatre at The John F. Kennedy Center for Performing Arts, Washington DC, to promote US-China cultural exchange. An invited Kung Fu master instructor at the DC Special Olympics, Justin has also created the international non-profit, ABLE Kung Fu, which runs confidence-building Kung Fu workshops for 6,000+ underserved and physically challenged children. In his pursuit to empower children to be champions in their own lives, Justin has raised $45,000 to pay for clean water wells and life-changing surgical procedures for children in Senegal, Taiwan, and China.

Divjot Bedi

Currently as a rising senior at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science & Technology, Divjot explores the intersection of machine learning and biomedical science. To quench his zealous interest, Divjot has completed award-winning personal research projects, presented at scientific conferences, and is actively involved in STEM-related community outreach. As a 2nd place Grand Prize winner at the International Science and Engineering Fair, his competency to practically apply computer science and deep learning comes to shine. Currently, Divjot is finding ways to exploit computer vision techniques to decipher biomarkers of disease onset and progression. Through HackGenius Divjot hopes to foster the same love for research and ingenuity that he has experienced.

Shea Irvin

Shea is the Director of Coordinations and a senior at Edison High school. Shea enjoys learning and has always had a knack for science. He has more recently become interested in computer science after playing video games for many years. Shea is an officer of his school's Technological Student Association and graduate of the Edison High school Global Stem Challenges program. Shea also participated in his schools lacrosse and track teams. With HackGenius Shea hopes to have fun and spread coding through the community.


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